Kora transition overview: students without Classic course experience

Version: Kora Courses, January 2023 or later
Permissions required: Students

Key features:

  • Digication Kora's features make it easy for students to keep track of multiple assignments in one place ensuring no deadlines are missed. Assignments are clearly listed on the dashboard and sorted by the due date. 
  • Submitting work (including but not limited to ePortfolio) to assignments is one simple step, making it quick and easy to get work in on time. Kora allows for easy tracking of submission status so nothing is missed. 
  • All feedback on assignments from peers and instructors is conveniently viewed on one screen, making it easy for students to view comments and make improvements.

A. Keep all of your assignments listed in one place, sorted by the due date on the dashboard.


B. Prompts or templates are provided for you and will be listed clearly under each assignment, making it simple to create your work.


C. It is easy to personalize your work and add text and multimedia content. 

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 16.40.19.png

D. The submission process is one simple step. Publishing content is not required for making a submission.


E. Kora allows you to keep your work private or to share your work with others.

Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 16.44.47.png

F. With Kora, you can easily keep track of whether or not you've submitted your work. 


G. Get feedback from instructors and peers via outcome assessments (1) and Conversations (2) to help you continuously improve and grow.



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