What is Digication Kora courses

Version: Kora Courses, January 2024 or later
Permissions required: Faculty

Key Features:

  • Digication Kora courses provide a simple solution for managing assignments and outcome assessments while encouraging active learning as students showcase their work and progress.
  • By emphasizing an active project-based learning process, Digication promotes student engagement and growth, encouraging students to reflect on their experiences and actively participate in their own learning journey.
  • With customizable design layouts and the ability to keep work private until ready to share, Digication empowers students to create personalized work, experiences, and achievements while providing flexibility and control over their privacy.

A. Digication Kora courses provide a simple solution for managing assignments and outcome assessments while encouraging active learning. 


B. Creating work in Digication is not just about the final results, as it is designed to support active learning. 

  • Students can actively engage in their learning journey, reflecting on their experiences and showcasing their growth.
  • Students have the opportunity to organize and display their most significant learning experiences.
  • Digication enables students to create a clear representation of their skills, achievements, and personal development.


C. Assignments play an important role in scaffolding active learning within Digication Kora courses. 


D. Once you create a course in Digication you have options to guide students through many different types of learning: ePortfolio, Capstone, Project, Collaborative Learning, Integrative Learning, Diversity & Global Learning, First Year Experience, Internship, Research, Learning Community, Service Learning, Community-Based Learning, Research, Writing, Website, Journal or add your own. These assignments and activities give students the opportunity and tools to create various types of work like research reports, travel journals, projects, or even co-curricular experiences.


E. The prompt and template features in Digication allow instructors to provide scaffolding. 

  • Prompts in Digication are quick to create.
  • These prompts can guide students to respond creatively, incorporating multimedia elements. 



F. Digication offers students a range of options to present their best work using customizable design layouts and styles. These options allow students to personalize their work, make it visually appealing, and reflect their individuality.


G. Students have the flexibility to keep their work private until they are ready to share it with others. Digication enables students to selectively share their work with peers and instructors,  as well as external parties, such as friends, family, and employers. 


H. Digication encompasses all the common assignment-related functionality, including grading, setting due dates, and defining resubmission options. This simplifies assignment management for instructors, ensuring efficient tracking of student progress.


I. Digication Kora supports program-level outcome assessment and course- or assignment-level outcome assessment.

  • Outcome assessments are essential for program-level assessment, and Digication improves and simplifies the outcome assessment process, allowing instructors to assess student performance more effectively. 
  • Instructors can define course or assignment-level outcomes according to their specific needs, aligning assessments with desired learning objectives.
  • Both instructors and peers can define new outcomes for individual submissions, recognizing students' unique achievements. This approach acknowledges the diverse skills and accomplishments of students, creating a more inclusive and personalized learning environment.


J. Digication Kora supports peer feedback, fostering student participation in the assessment process. 

  • The assessment process encourages collaboration and active engagement among students, as they provide constructive feedback to their peers. It promotes a sense of community and facilitates the development of critical evaluation skills.
  • Digication transforms the learning process into a social activity by enabling collaboration, interaction, and feedback among students, instructors, and peers. 


K. Digication seamlessly integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS), allowing easy incorporation of Kora as an additional tool. This integration enables faculty to leverage the benefits of both platforms. Grades entered in Digication can be automatically transferred to the LMS's gradebook.



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