Kora transition overview: faculty without Classic course experience

Version: Kora Courses, January 2023 or later
Permissions required: Faculty

Key Features:

  • Digication Kora Courses offers features such as prompts and templates that make it quick and easy for instructors to create and manage assignments.
  • Students can submit their work (including but not limited to ePortfolio) to you seamlessly. They can submit either draft or published work in one simple step, without needing to publish or configure sharing permissions.
  • Instructors can provide feedback, assess, and even grade student work in one unified and easy-to-use interface. With our new LTI integration, grades will be automatically sent to the grade book in your LMS.
  • With Kora, you can use program outcomes, course outcomes, and submission-specific outcomes to have a more comprehensive and meaningful assessment process.

A. With Kora, you can easily break down the process of creating a body of work into smaller, more manageable parts, making it less overwhelming for both instructors and students.


B. If you have existing templates you can continue to use them. Templates can be associated with assignments that are clearly presented to students in their own dashboard along with important information such as due dates.


C. If you don’t have any existing templates or you are looking for simpler solutions to guide students through assignments, you can easily create prompts. Prompts enable instructors to provide instructions through simple text, as well as define the type of responses that would be most suitable, such as “text”, “upload file”, or “record audio or video”.


D. In Kora, the editing and design tools for creating work are easy.


E. You can easily manage due dates, late submission settings, and resubmission dates, keeping everyone on track and accountable.


F. Enable grading on your assignments and Kora will send grades to your LMS through Kora’s LMS integration.


G. The submission process in Kora provides options to share submissions with classmates for peer assessment and feedback.


H. The submission process is one simple step for students. Publishing content is not required for making submissions. 


I. Assignment submission tracking allows instructors to easily see who has submitted and who hasn't, all in one place.


J. Contacting students who have not submitted is simple. With Kora, you can quickly get in touch with students who need a reminder.


K. With a user-friendly interface, you can review student submissions, grade assignments (1), conduct outcome assessments (2), and communicate with students using Conversations features (3) - all in one convenient screen.


L. For a more thorough and meaningful assessment process, Kora accommodates program outcomes, course outcomes, and even submission-specific outcomes. 


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