Kora transition overview: system admins or project managers with Classic course experience

Version: Kora Courses, January 21, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Administrator

Key Features:

  • Enhance student work (including but not limited to ePortfolio) with a clear presentation of assignment-associated templates.
  • Break down the work creation process into smaller, manageable steps using prompts, to foster greater student engagement.
  • Utilize Kora's user-friendly outcome assessment features, empowering instructors and administrators to effectively evaluate and measure student skills.
  • Benefit from a simplified submission process, a dedicated admin interface, and improved LTI integration and CSV import options. Existing Classic courses and program assessment features will continue to work seamlessly.

A. Templates and prompts can now be easily managed by administrators. With the new option to include f templates and prompts in assignments, the process is simplified for both students and instructors. Templates associated with assignments are presented clearly in students' dashboards.


B. Using prompts, the work creation process is broken down into smaller steps, promoting student engagement.


C. Kora offers easy-to-use outcome assessment features with assignments, allowing instructors and admins to effectively evaluate and measure student skills toward desired learning outcomes.


D. The submission process has been streamlined into one simple step. Publishing content is no longer required for assignment submission making it even easier for students to complete assignments and for instructors and admins to review submissions.


E. Instructors and administrators can review and assess student work more effectively, eliminating the need to review long lists of URLs or perform time-consuming directory searches.


F. Kora introduces the ability to grade (1) assignments, perform outcome assessments (2), review, and provide feedback via Conversations features (3) all in one page for greater efficiency.


G. A separate admin interface specifically designed for Kora allows for simple, effective management of users, courses, assignments, and overall system configuration. 


H. Outcomes and rubrics can be imported from the classic version of the platform. Transfer existing outcomes and rubrics to Kora, saving time and effort. You can effortlessly create outcomes and rubrics for instructors to align to assignments in Kora Courses creating more opportunities for assessment data collection and enhancing assessment engagement and quality. If your school has existing outcomes and rubrics created in Digication for Classic Courses that you wish to use in Kora courses, please reach out to our support team for assistance and information on how to best create them in Kora, support@digication.com.

4017-8.pngI. Digication Kora features a completely redesigned LTI integration, based on LTI 1.3, offering seamless single-sign-on, course roster import, assignment connection, grade transfer, and usability improvements. For more info please check LMS feature overview.

J. The CSV import feature in Kora has been redesigned, offering faster processing, a more flexible data structure, and support for additional fields like preferred names and pronouns. It also simplifies the management of permission privileges.

K. Classic courses will continue to be fully functional. 


L. For programs that relied on Digication’s Program Assessment tools, Kora has maintained compatibility to ensure the continuation of the Program Assessment features without any disruptions.


Please note various admin features are currently in progress. See for more details “Features coming soon”.

Discover the benefits of using Kora Courses in our faculty transition guide. See for more details “Kora transition overview: faculty with Classic course experience”.

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