Kora transition overview: admin (assessment) without Classic course experience

Version: Kora Courses, January 06, 2024 or later

Permissions required: Administrator


Key Features:

  • Digication Kora Courses makes assessment management easy. Our simple process and assessment tools save time and provide useful data.

A. With Kora, the days of chasing after student work (including but not limited to ePortfolio) and assessment data required for course-level assessment, program review, and accreditation are over. Kora’s collection and assessment tools make the process simple for all stakeholders. 

B. Archive and access any kind of authentic learning evidence with ease including documents, presentations, projects, audio, video, reflections, and of course, ePortfolios!


C. Take advantage of Learning Management System integration to set up courses, import rosters and simplify grading in Digication. Transfer grades automatically to the LMS grade book.


D. Use assignment and prompt features to scaffold the experience for students giving you built-in tracking, submission deadline, and notification tools.


E. With Kora all assignment submissions are time-stamped and permanently archived, ensuring you always have access to evidence of student learning.


F. Kora provides tools to build rubrics quickly including customized criteria and score levels. Align rubrics to learning outcomes and share within a library of rubrics for course-level, program-level, and institution-level assessments.


G. Capture and archive evidence of authentic student learning and reflections for outcomes assessment. Go beyond course-level assessment with the ability to give teams or reviewers access to student work and rubrics for scoring. Collect meaningful data for outcomes reports to support program review and accreditation purposes.


H. Access a customizable library of learning outcomes and associated rubrics to utilize across course-level, program-level, and institution-level assessments. State and national standards can easily be added as well as co-curricular goals and outcomes allowing evidence of learning to be collected with a clear connection to competencies and skills.


I. Unlimited storage is provided, giving your institution a vast archive of authentic evidence to assess. All data is backed-up nightly so you can rest assured you have access when you need it. Unlimited storage also frees users from any restrictions on the number of files uploaded or works created (yes, even for alumni!)


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