Kora transition overview: admin (assessment) with Classic course experience

Version: Kora Courses, January 2024, or later
Permissions required: Administrator


Key Features:

  • With Digication Kora Courses, you can now use assignments to scaffold and prompt students to focus on certain parts of their work (including but not limited to ePortfolio) to avoid last-minute cramming. Break a body of work into small chunks through assignments scheduled throughout the semester. 
  • Templates and prompts are now included in assignments, making it easier to provide instructions and starting points to your students
  • Kora provides enhanced outcome assessment, easier rubric creation, peer assessment, and uninterrupted access to Program Assessment features.

A. Kora now simplifies the process of creating and managing courses and assignments without multiple steps, making it much easier to use.


B. Due dates, resubmission dates, and late submissions can be set up easily.


C. Kora now provides templates and prompts as part of assignments, simplifying the process for both students and instructors.


  • Templates help students create their work easily, and templates can be associated directly with assignments, making managing and distributing them to students easier. Admins and instructors can utilize new and existing templates with Kora.
  • Prompts allow instructors to provide instructions without creating templates from scratch. Prompts are simple text-based instructions that allow instructors  to define the response type, such as "text," "upload file," "record audio or video"  or “be creative.”

D. Kora offers easy-to-use outcome assessment features with assignments, allowing admins and instructors to effectively evaluate skills and learning outcomes, through a simple tagging mechanism or using rubrics.

E. Kora's new interface offers a simple and intuitive rubric creation process, allowing admins and instructors to easily specify the grading criteria for courses and assignments. The rubrics can be reused for future assignments, saving time and effort.


F. Assignment submissions can now be shared with classmates for peer feedback and assessment.


G. For programs that relied on Digication’s Program Assessment tools, Kora has maintained compatibility to ensure the continuation of the Program Assessment features without any disruptions.

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