Creating a school-wide template

Templates allow the students and faculty at a school to get a head start creating their e-Portfolios by providing the initial style, page structure and content for an e-Portfolio with as little as a single click.  

As an administrator, you can provide templates to your Digication users by following these steps:

1.  Create the e-Portfolio template the same way you would create any normal e-Portfolio -- click Create Portfolio on the dashboard, and choose the name and style information that you would like the template to have.  (Make a note of the new e-Portfolio's web address (url) before you click Create.  You will need it in Step 3)

2. Add pages and content to the e-Portfolio.  Fill out the page structure with example images, example text, and even instructions for students or faculty to follow to turn the initial content into a well-organized e-Portfolio of their own.  Be sure to publish all the modules of your template. Unpublished modules will not be included in new e-Portfolios created from your template.

3. Make the template available to your users.   You can do this from the Administration interface by clicking "Administration" at the top, and then "e-Portfolios" and "Templates".  Add the url (from Step 1) of your template e-Portfolio, and users will be able to choose it when creating portfolios of their own.

Note: Anyone can create an e-Portfolio to be used as a template.  Only Step 3 requires admin access, so the admins don't have to do all the work!




Users will see something like this when they begin creating a portfolio:


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