Viewing Standards In Your Course Or Adding New Standards

This page shows you all the standards available for the course. Standards are organized by sets or collections.

  • A set is a pre-defined list of standards (like state standards)

  • A collection is created with standards from different sets, such as “Freshman Competencies”

The top of the page displays all the standards currently in the class. 

To remove a standard, simply click the Remove link on the right side of the page next to the standard you would like to remove.

The lower part of the page displays all available standards. Available standards are stored in the schools standards library which is created by System Administrators.

Adding a Standard
To add a standard click the Add link to the right of the Standard title.

Associating a Rubric with a Standard

To associate a rubric with a standard, select the desired rubric from the dropdown menu on the left side of the page next to each standard.
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