Course Notification Page

The following descriptions apply, whether you are viewing a Course, Community, or Assessment Group.

Course Tabs

A course may contain the following tabs for viewing and managing various aspects of a course:
  • Notifications

  • Discussions

  • Assignments

  • Standards

  • Settings

Note: Assignment and Standards are available only to those schools utilizing the Digication Assessment Management System.

Course Notifications

(viewable by students, faculty and administrators)
The course notification page, the entry page for any course, provides updates related to any discussions or assignments within a course that are relevant to the viewer. Each person in the course will therefore have different notifications listed when viewing a course. Note: If no discussions have been created in a course you will not see discussion related notifications on this page. 

Discussions Tab

(viewable by students, faculty and administrators)
Within the discussions tab you can easily add discussion areas to your course. Structured like a threaded forum, discussions make it easy for your to engage in online discussions and to distribute materials throughout the course such as Syllabus, Readings, Handouts, and more. Each discussion can be categorized and include one or more attachments with different reply and view options on a per discussion basis. 

Assignments Tab

(viewable by students, faculty and administrators with access to the assessment management system)
Add assignments with customizable steps including rubrics, reflections, and evidence aligned to your school’s standards or objectives.

Standards Tab
(viewable by faculty and administrators only with access to the assessment management system)
Within the standards tab you can easily add standards to your course used in previous courses or from sets or collections created by your school. Adding standards to your course makes it possible to correlate assignments to standards for assessment purposes.

Settings Tab

(viewable by faculty and administrators only)
The settings tab will give you access to all the tools you need to adjust your course settings, add people to your course (if your school does not import them automatically), import and export discussions, access optional gradebook and attendance tools, and add quick links.

Course Checklist

(viewable by faculty and administrators only)
The course checklist provides faculty with information on what steps need to be completed to setup a course. If an item in the course checklist is checked that means that the step has been completed in the setup of the course.

Quick Links

(viewable by students, faculty and administrators)
Quick links show up on the left of your course pages. They are often used to show links to external sites which will often be used within your course, such as a research database or school website. If you are a faculty or administrator and you would like to add quick links to your course, click on the Settings tab and then click on Edit Links.

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