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We received a great feature request: to allow administrators within Digication to create a list of suggested tags for students and faculty to use to tag e-Portfolios. (Awesome!)

We are excited to announce that this feature is now available. If you are an administrator and would like to edit the list of suggested tags in your Digication community, login and go to the Administration area. Then click on e-Portfolios > Suggested Tags. Type in a comma-separated list of the suggested tags you would like to make available to your community and then click on the Save button.

 Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 11.57.54 AM.png

 After the tags have been added, e-Portfolio editors will be able to add them to their e-Portfolio at the bottom of each page in the View Comments and Tags area. Clicking on any of the suggested tags will add it to your e-Portfolio. As you begin to type, the suggested tags that include those letters will appear. You will still be able to add other tags that are not included in the suggested tags list.

Tags are used in Digication as a way to search for e-Portfolios in the e-Portfolio directory. To search the e-Portfolio Directory at your school by tag, click on the By Tag tab and type in a search term. The e-Portfolio directory will pull up all the e-Portfolios that include that tag.

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    Sarah Morgano

    This will be very helpful for both students and faculty, thanks for the new feature! I noticed that once a page has been tagged, users and even Digication administrators cannot remove them. Since any student can theoretically tag a page (if the ePortfolio admin enabled tagging), there may be some issues with folks mistagging. Do you know if/when users will be able to remove tags? Also, do you know if the suggested tags will be integrated with the search "by tag" feature in the ePortfolio Directory?

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Sarah,

    We are indeed working on a delete tag option. We will announce this option on our online help desk soon. The suggested tags added to an e-Portfolio are searchable in the e-Portfolio directory currently. 



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