Web Accessibility Improvement for Digication Courses

We've been working on improving Digication as part of an on-going effort to bring all areas into compliance with the guidelines for Web Accessibility.

To continue the roll-out of this crucial work, we are releasing an update to our assignments area. 

The colored squares that signify the status of an assignment have now been combined with text-based labels so all of our users will have equal access to the information and functionality of the assignments area.


For Faculty, this change affects the assignments grid and associated drill-down areas.

Faculty View of Updated Assignment Area



For Students, this change affects the Summary View of all assignments and its associated drill-down areas.

Student View of Updated Assignment Area


We welcome user feedback (support@digication.com) and would find it particularly helpful to hear from those using assistive devices about your experiences with Digication.

Look for further releases soon!


Interested in Web Accessibility Issues and Guidelines? Check out W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative


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