e-Portfolio Display Issue Update

As you may be aware, there was a problem with a server upgrade at Digication over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Any e-Portfolio that was accessed between November 25th and November 30th may see missing and/or incorrect pages or sections. No data has been lost. Digication is working to recover the damaged e-Portfolios. Many schools were not at all affected, and many more were only minimally affected. The effects were proportional by school to the amount of activity their users engaged in during the problematic time period.

We appreciate your need for information and will continue to provide you with everything we know about the situation and our progress so that you can determine the best course for your school.  

Since our previous update, we have gained a greater understanding of what occurred on 11/25 and we have made a change in our strategy. While our ideal solution would have been to have all our affected users log in to find completely restored e-Portfolios, we feel it is now impossible to define what a “completely restored e-Portfolio” is due to the difficulty of reconciling the original mixed up or missing data with the many changes, updates and additions users have created since 11/25. We believe any attempt to leave users with one “fixed” e-Portfolio would only result in frustrating them again.

Our plan now is to let affected users keep their current e-Portfolios and provide them with one or more backup versions of their e-Portfolios. Users will be able to chose specific pages or modules and copy and/or move them between e-Portfolios via a simple web interface. So folks will be able to determine which version of their e-Portfolio to build on, and bring in portions of other versions to complete their e-Portfolios. They can then delete the spare e-Portfolios, or keep them as archives.

This will apply only to those users who have made updates after their e-Portfolio was damaged.  For those who did not make updates after experiencing problems, their e-Portfolios will be automatically restored to their state on the evening of 11/24.

There is no danger of further loss of work from affected e-Portfolios because we will no longer be attempting to “fix” them directly with previous data. We will simply replace them if they have not been updated, or give their owners backup versions and new tools to rebuild if they have been changed since 11/24.

We are working on finalizing a list of users and URLs that are affected and should be able to provide that to you sometime on 12/5.

For a project of this scope and complexity we are actually making amazing progress. Several of the components of this fix are complete and more are nearing completion. There will likely be several rollouts during the next few days.

Here is a rough estimated timeline:
- restore clones of e-Portfolios from 11/24, Mon / Tue
- rollout of the move/copy tools, Tue / Wed
- rollout of other recovered versions of portfolios (could contain different stages saved between 11/25 to 11/30), ETA unknown. We are hoping by Friday.

As we hit milestones, we will be able to revise this timeline, and of course we will continue to update you as to our progress.

When some of our fixes become available, we may need to bring the system down to apply them. When we determine the time(s) at which we will need to bring the system down and the length of the outage we will notify you.

The interface we will be providing users to allow them to move the pages or modules in an e-Portfolio will be very easy to use and our support team will be available to help with the process by email and phone. We will also create help documentation that will be available to download at http://support.digication.com and which we will email to you to share with your students and faculty as needed.

As we have all experienced, sometimes with technology the unexpected happens, and generally at the worst possible moment. That is certainly the case here. The patience and sympathetic kindness we have been shown by so many of our users and administrators has touched every member of the Digication team. We will do everything in our power to repay your generosity and regain your confidence.

Kind regards,
The Digication Team
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