Unexpected Downtime Update

Dear Digication Admins,

Digication began to experience some technical problems around 12am EST on 4/18. The servers became very slow and at times unresponsive. We took the system offline to prevent end users from experiencing an inconsistent or unresponsive system.

We have identified that a complex database query was slowing down the system. We have fixed the database query that was causing the issue. We are now restoring the database to 11:55pm EST on 4/17.

This process will take a few hours (but we sure are working as fast as we can).

Once restored, all data from 11:55pm EST on 4/17 will be in place and we will be able to put the system back online..

We are very sorry about this problem. We will keep you updated with progress by email and on our online help desk: https://support.digication.com/forums/20568078-digication-status-updates

Kind regards,
Your Friends at Digication

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