New Digication Updates - 10/21/2016


We now have the option for you to create and design an ePortfolio in New Digication!



Those who have requested access to New Digication will have the opportunity to create new ePortfolios using the latest design and editing tools. We will be updating your accounts throughout the weekend so that you will all be able to begin using the new features on Monday. Don't worry, you will still have access to your existing ePortfolios and can continue to create ePortfolios in Digication Classic.

Note: We will remove access to the sample New Digication (Read Only) ePortfolio from your My ePortfolio list by Friday 10/28. You will instead be able to create from scratch using a template with sample content.

If you missed our last announcement and aren’t sure what New Digication is, that’s ok! You can check out our original announcement here

For all those who have been actively trying out New Digication, we truly appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback. It has been so much fun connecting with you about the exciting changes ahead.

New Digication Highlights

Get Started with a New ePortfolio More Easily

We have simplified the steps needed to get started, so end users do not have to learn as many setting options when they first start an ePortfolio. They can always get under the hood to make changes after they are ready to share their published content.



Add New Content

Add content through a simple upload, drag and drop from your computer, or capture images, audio, and video directly in the ePortfolio. You can also access content previously uploaded to New Digication.



Select Pre-built Styles and Customize Your Own Styles

A style library is now available for end users to quickly style their ePortfolio content. Pre-built styles can be customized for those who would like to add their own personal touch. End users can also create their own styles using a variety of font, color, and media options.



We are incredibly excited for you to try these new features! 

If you have been given access to New Digication already, we will be updating your account later today so that you can try it out. You’ll simply click on the green plus sign or “Create ePortfolio” button after you log into your Digication account and follow the steps provided on screen.

Want to add more members of your community to Digication?

Digication System Administrators can request that New Digication be added to your system so that end users can opt-in to trying New Digication on their own accounts or you can simply send us a list of email addresses for specific people at your school who should have access and we'll take care of the rest. You can send those requests to  We will be announcing those changes here

Updates Will Continue Throughout the Fall

Throughout the Fall 2016 semester, you can expect a completely new suite of ePortfolio features such as flexible layouts, enhanced text editing, video and audio-capture, drag and drop upload, and much more. In the coming weeks, please expect frequent changes to the tools and user interface as new features go live.

To check out our current FAQ on New Digication, click here. We would love to get your ideas, feedback, and suggestions on the new tools as well as the list of planned features here

We look forward to collaborating with you!


Your Friends at Digication



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