New Digication: Overview of Features

Updated 10/21/16:


For a quick look at the features and feel of the new Digication, take a look at our intro video. 

New Digication Overview from Digication on Vimeo.

Features you can expect in the new Digication include:

Flexible Layout
Content can be arranged across multiple columns of adjustable widths using fluid placement with simple drag and drop editing.

Enhanced Text Editing, Auto-Save, & One-Click Publishing
An entirely new set of tools offers more options for customizing text as well as a significantly smoother experience creating and laying out content to your specifications. Entries will automatically save while you create them, and the process of publishing has been simplified to one easy click.

Uploading Files: New Digication Supports Large Files, More File Types, & Mobile Uploads
Add files to your entries with a simple drag and drop, or upload them from your mobile device. Digication now accepts uploaded files with a size of up to 1 gigabyte each, and you can display PowerPoints, Word documents, videos and other files in new ePortfolios without the need for viewers to download them

Native Image, Audio, and Video Capture
Capture and upload your own images, audio, and video right from your device directly into your new ePortfolios in one easy step.

Connect With Services Like Google Drive, Instagram, Etc 
Access your files from your favorite apps by connecting them with new Digication.

Simplified Infrastructure Design and Organization
Adding new areas for content no longer requires multiple clicks, and new pages can be created, named, and organized en masse instead of one at a time.

Want to be one of the first to try it?

If you are a Digication Administrator at your school you can now enable New Digication for your system and give end users the option of enabling it in their own accounts. You do not need to send a list of the email addresses for users you can now give them the option of trying it out on their own! Contact us at if you’d like to enable it for your system on an opt-in basis and allow end users to opt in to try it within their profile.

We can't wait to see what you think!

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