New Digication Known Issues

Updated 10/21/16

New Digication is now available with the option to create and design a new ePortfolio.

We are excited for you to see the many new features and refinements we have developed. New Digication now has increased functionality, most notably the option to create a new ePortfolio, add and style content as well as save and publish changes.  In summary, New Digication is no longer just a preview. There are a few known issues and limitations we are working to address. We hope this guide will assist you in navigating your way through them as you explore and start building ePortfolios in New Digication.

Here are some of the issues we have identified and are working to resolve in this version.


Known Issues:

  • Errors are occurring in Internet Explorer and Edge Browsers; we recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox at this time.

  • Clicking “Publish” reveals a list of options; publish all pages, lock specific modules, and revert to previously published options are not available.

  • Clicking the icon to the right of “Publish” reveals a list of options. The settings option function but the others are not currently available.

  • Adding a “slide” results in an empty, white box at the very bottom of the screen.

  • After adding a new slide, one must click on it to select it before adding content to it.

  • Slides can not be reordered on a page.

  • Content can not be moved between slides.

  • Taking pictures, capturing video, and recording audio work intermittently but may result in errors, especially when you are using other applications that may also be using the camera. For certain browsers, we are using Flash because the browsers don't support the access of camera or microphones natively.

  • Hidden pages are not shown in edit view.

  • Modules can not be resized if the handle is hidden behind the "add more" icon at bottom of the page.

  • Some font styles are not displaying properly.

Some pre-built styles are still be refined.

As we are working on fixing the issues listed above you can keep an eye on additional features we are working on here:

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