New Digication Transition Guide for Administrators


New Digication Transition Guide for Administrators


This document is designed for Digication System Administrators. Its purpose is to provide: An overview of Digication’s development plans for New Digication; and a checklist of important things to consider as your campus transitions from Digication Classic to New Digication. 

If you have any questions or if would like to discuss your transition plan with a member of the Digication team, please reach out to, and we will follow-up to schedule a time to speak with you.

Fall 2016

Throughout Fall 2016, Digication will be releasing new features and options in New Digication. Updates will be happening often, so the best place to check on the timeline will be on our Help Desk. We will periodically send out email notifications to provide summaries as well.

Digication’s Timeline:

Campus Administrator Transition Checklist:

  • Request access for admins to New Digication
  • Explore the tools and send feedback and questions
  • Be aware of updates as new features are added and changes are made
  • Schedule train-the-trainer sessions with Digication Team Members
  • Begin demonstrating New Digication internally
  • Design rollout plan or small pilots
  • Begin crafting internal documentation/training materials


Spring 2017

In Spring 2017 the New Digication will have feature parity with Digication Classic; that is, features such as the Organizer, Comments, and Conversations are in the release schedule, allowing you to fully utilize New Digication on your campus.

Digication’s Timeline:

  • Deliver fully-functional New Digication
  • Deliver end-user manual and updated support library
  • Begin rollout plan or small pilots

Campus Administrator Transition Checklist:

  • Launch rollout plan or pilots
  • Schedule train-the-trainer sessions with Digication Team Members
  • Provide feedback and questions
  • Finish any internal documentation
  • Train ePortfolio project leaders and support staff


Fall 2017

Fall 2017 will mark the end of Digication’s support of Digication Classic. While existing ePortfolios created in Digication Classic will maintain their accessibility for as long as browsers support them, the New Digication will be the only supported option for creating new ePortfolios. End users will have the option to convert their existing ePortfolios from Digication Classic to the New Digication on a per-ePortfolio basis.

Because Digication’s User Services [including Help Desk support (phone and email), training webinars, user documentation, etc.] will focus only on the support of the New Digication, we strongly recommend that campuses offer New Digication as the only option for the creation of new ePortfolios.

Digication’s timeline:

  • September 1, 2017: Support for Digication Classic will be discontinued. The Digication Help Desk and Support Services will only offer support for New Digication.   

Campus Administrator Transition Checklist:

  • Enable New Digication for all end users.
  • Continue training with Digication team members as needed.

Additional Information to Help Your Transition Planning

  • Digication Classic ePortfolios will not be impacted automatically by enabling New Digication for end users.
  • Digication Classic ePortfolios will be viewable until browsers no longer support the content; however, support for Digication Classic ePortfolios will end on September 1, 2017.
  • Digication Classic ePortfolios can be converted to New Digication ePortfolios.
  • New Digication will be available to alumni.
  • Although ePortfolio templates created in Digication Classic will still function, we highly recommend converting templates to New Digication prior to September 1, 2017.
  • New Digication does not utilize the same theme structure as Digication Classic. Digication Classic themes will be discontinued. In Spring 2017, Digication will provide new options for saving and sharing themes in New Digication.
  • Rich Text content is styled differently in New Digication. Existing formatting will not be retained in ePortfolios being converted from Digication Classic to New Digication. Although formatting will need to be changed, the options in New Digication will provide end users more flexibility.
  • Courses, assessment tools, etc., will not be impacted.
  • Custom Modules will not function during the initial launch but are a high priority. For specific concerns, please contact us.
  • Integrations with Blackboard and other LMS Platforms will not be impacted.
  • Authentication integration will not be impacted.
  • Training is available. Please contact us to schedule training sessions.
  • Digication’s Help Desk ( is available and will be up-to-date throughout the launch and transition phases. Written documentation and training videos will be provided to help you share these new features with your community. Digication will provide thorough guides to New Digication, but we are unable to create individual or customized documentation on a per-school basis.

Additional Considerations:

Depending on whether you are a newcomer to Digication or have been using Digication for many years, you may consider different rollout plans. You should read through the section in our general FAQ called “Does the New Digication support ALL features found in Digication Classic?” and see if there are any critical features that are not yet supported in New Digication. If so, you should consider a campus wide rollout after those features are fully supported in New Digication.  If you are an existing Digication user and have significant support infrastructure, you may want to take the Fall 2016 semester as a time to pilot with small groups while adjusting your existing support materials and infrastructure. Our support team is also available to provide consultation regarding rollout strategies.

We recommend that schools select small pilot groups to explore New Digication during the Spring 2017 semester to gather common questions and create exemplar ePortfolios to share as part of a larger roll-out in Summer or Fall 2017.

Administrators will be given the choice to continue to offer Digication Classic as an option alongside the New Digication or to enforce New Digication as the only option for New ePortfolios.

Need More Guidance?

Please reach out if you have questions or if you would like to speak with a member of our support team regarding your transition plans. We are here to help you every step of the way and want your transition to be as smooth as possible. Email us at, and we will contact you to schedule a time to talk further about your needs and plans.


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