New Digication Roadmap

Dear Community,

Thanks again for all your support during this exciting launch of New Digication. We wanted to give you a roadmap of our development plans. Please be aware that this plan is subject to change as we are busy working on many features in parallel right now.

The version we released on 10/21/16 supports the following features:

  • Create new ePortfolios
  • Create new ePortfolio pages and subpages
  • Advanced style editor (background color, images, fonts, etc)
  • Save changes in ePortfolios (with autosave)
  • Full / partial campus roll out options
  • And a number of UI improvements


The following features we are working to support by 1/1/2017. Again, please keep in mind this list is subject to change, but we hope it will give you a good idea of what is in our development pipeline:
  • Apply style to all pages in ePortfolios
  • Conversion from Digication Classic ePortfolios
  • Template & style library
  • Template support
  • All existing Digication modules support
  • Comment + Conversations
  • Submit ePortfolio
  • Support of embedded content currently supported in Classic
  • Download ePortfolio as .zip file

We will be in touch as feature updates are made so you will stay informed.

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    Russel Stolins

    This is helpful information. As an admin and instructor, I could really use some more precise indications of when new features might become available. Of course exact dates/deadlines aren't possible. But a listing of features implemented and recent priorities would not require dates. Something like the figure below:

    Note: This is my own imaginary table - it is not from Digication 

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    Heather Cook

    Hi Russel!

    Thank you for your reply!

    New Digication is in its early stages of development at this time so unfortunately a more precise timeline for release of feature updates is not possible. Our development team has been working hard on a number of features and bug fixes since November but they have not yet been released. When they are ready we will send an update to all administrators with a summary of what has changed and we will update our roadmap on the help desk.

    We hope this helps!


    Heather Cook

    Customer Support Specialist

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    Jennifer Chien

    So we have received a notification regarding the new revised timeline. I do have a question about the timeline to roll out rubrics and the assessment feature in Digication since assessment is an essential part in Digication. Would it be possible to get an approximate calendar month(s)? Like Fall 2017 or Spring 2018.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your reply!

    No changes will occur to the assessment areas of Digication at this time. The Course, Community, and Assessment Group tools (including rubrics and assessment features) will remain the same as the New Digication development is focused on ePortfolio creation and editing tools at this time. We hope this helps clarify the timeline for you!




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