Manually Enrolling Users in Courses

in some cases, administrators may need to assist faculty or staff with manually enrolling or removing small numbers of users. Doing so manually through the course UI is quick and can be done in less time than it takes to correctly format a CSV and then upload it to the administrative area. Here's how to accomplish that.

Go to the Administration tab

Search for the Course

Using any of the available criteria, search for the course you wish to enroll or remove users from.

Click on "View"

Go to the "People" Tab

Click on "Add Students"

Search for the User

Click on the small "+" button under "Add"

Check off "Faculty" if enrolling an instructor

Click the "Save" Button

Once you've hit the "Save" button, any users you've searched for and added will be put into the course.

Removing a User from the Course

To manually remove a user from your course, you will use the same form that you used to manually add users.  Simply click the red “X” in the “Delete” column, to the right of the student whom you wish to remove (1). Remember to click Save to finalize the removal.


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