Digication General Data Specifications

In order to use the data import, you must have an Administrator account on Digication Campus, and your school must be set up with its own sub-domain. You can find information on how to become an Administrator on the Digication website at http://www.digication.com. After you are an administrator, you can select and activate a sub-domain through your Administrator account.

All data is sent using the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format, defined in RFC 4180. Data should be sent in UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark (BOM).The maximum file size of a single import is 10MB. If an import is larger than this, it must be split and processed as separate imports. Data may optionally be compressed using gzip, the 10M limit applies to the compressed size.

An import file can contain one or more blocks of data, which include users, courses, registrations, or groups. Each block must contain a header on a line by itself to denote the data the follows.

Data Transmission using cURL

Data imports can be run one of two ways. Within the Administrator interface, there is an upload dialogue that will allow you to send import files one at a time. Imports can be automated by simulating an HTTP POST to a URL that uniquely identifies your school. The URL is https://campus.digication.com/import/index.digi?key=[identifier], where [identifier] is a unique password that identifies your school. This identifier can be generated in the Import section of the Administrator interface.

A free tool called “cURL” is available for most platforms that can be used to automate the upload process. It can be downloaded from https://curl.haxx.se/

An example of the recommended syntax used is below.

curl --output report.txt -L -F data=@users.csv http://campus.digication.com/import/index.digi?key=[identifier]`

After a data file has been transmitted, it will be queued for processing. The report (if any) received from the upload will let you know if the upload was successful and the request number when stored in the queue. You can view the status of any pending imports, as well as error reports from the most recent imports in the Administrator section of Digication Campus.

User Photos

If your school is configured to allow photos in the User Directory, existing photos, such as from student IDs, can be batch uploaded.

Photos must adhere to the following specification:

Format: JPEG Color Depth: 8-bit Dimensions: 100x100 pixels Resolution: 72 dpi Photos must be stored in a tar’d and gzip’d archive, each individual file must use the SyncID for the user record, with a “.jpg” extension. Photos will always overwrite any existing user photo. The maximum file size for an archive is 10MB.

Photos can be uploaded through the Administrator screens, or by uploading to a URL similar to import data. The URL for sending photo is http://campus.digication.com/import-photo/index.digi?key=[identifier], where [identifier] is the same as in section 5 above.

Sample CSV Imports

Below, you will find downloadable templates for the Create User, Create Course, and Course Registration CSVs.

Create User

Create Course

Course Registration

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