Using the Organize Tool

As you update your ePortfolio, you may want to use the Organizer to reorganize the sections, pages, and modules. You can also use the Organizer to duplicate sections, pages, and modules, and to change the order of any of your sections, pages, and modules.

Here's how to use it. From any ePortfolio...

Click on "Portfolio Tools" and select "Organize"

Organizing within an ePortfolio

Please note that changes made after dragging and dropping are automatically saved.

Organizing between ePortfolios

What do the icons signify?

  • The blue E icon is your ePortfolio.
  • The brown S icon is a section in your ePortfolio.
  • The purple P is a page in your ePortfolio.
  • The green M is a module on a section or page in your ePortfolio.
  • An icon with a red indicator signifies backup content available.
  • The section title, page title, and module type will display next to the icons to make it easy for you to organize your ePortfolio.
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