Program Assessment Options

The Digication Committee Assessment application provides an opportunity for your committee members to quickly assess student work with a few simple clicks. By correlating the collected student submissions with a rubric, you can easily generate statistics on thousands of pieces of student work. Each time a reviewer logs in to review work,  he or she will see a list of assignments they need to assess. These Committee Assessment results can then be correlated to assure consistent reviewing criteria, encourage stronger learning outcomes in a specific course, or chart the progress of students throughout their enrollment at your school.


Terms & Concepts

While we are able to accomodate a wide range of situations, we understand that each school has language and use cases unique to them. Language used to describe our service and the language your school uses may not match perfectly, so please take a minute to review some general concepts.

  1. Your school may have many Programs that you want to assess. Programs are collections of student work that you set up for specific Assessment readings. The collected student work may be anything you choose: as general as all submissions for a Nursing department or as specific as submissions to an individual assignment in your AR102 course.
  2. When you've decided what work should be collected for assessment, the readings can begin. A Reading is a span of time where your Reviewers are responsible for viewing all student work assigned to them. After viewing the work, the Reviewers can enter scores and begin the process of collecting scored assessments for your school.

For more detailed information regarding Program Assessment, please see these related articles:

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