Installing Digication as a Blackboard Building Block

Here's a quick guide to help admins install and configure the Blackboard Building Block for their campus to integrate with Digication. The guide is broken out into four main phases: uploading the WAR file, performing a rolling restart (if there are multiple app servers), configuring the app settings, and enabling the Digication course tool in settings. Please find the walkthrough below.

Phase 1: Uploading the WAR file

  • Download the current building block (
  • Log into Blackboard as an Admin
  • Click on the “System Admin” tab
  • Select “Building Blocks”
  • Select “Upload Building Blocks”
  • Browse for the provided WAR file and select it
  • Click on “Submit”
  • View permissions settings and click “Approve”
  • Watch the progress bar reach 100% before moving on to configuring the apps settings.

Phase 2: Perform rolling restart on Blackboard servers if there are multiple app servers (typical)

  • if you are hosting your own blackboard servers, you can perform the rolling restart.
  • if Blackboard is providing managed hosting, please request them to perform am rolling restart.

Phase 3: Configuring the App Settings

  • Go to System Admin > Tools & Utilities > Digication
  • This brings you to “Digication Settings” where you’ll be asked to log in using your Digication Administrator username and password.
  • After logging in you’ll have to enter your school’s Digication domain to confirm before pressing “Continue”.
  • You should then receive two confirmations: that your school system has been created and that Blackboard Single Sign-On is now enabled.
  • Configure additional options such as user ID, username, Course ID field, etc

Phase 4: Enable the Digication Course Tool for Courses

  • Go to System Admin > Tools
  • Find the "Digication Course Tool" and Turn Availability to "On"
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