Digication API Basics

Digication provides a way for its users to extend the functionalities of the platform by utilizing the Digication Application Programming Interface (API) in their own applications. 

Here are some example use cases:

  • At your institution, you have an online registration system. Using the API, you can make changes to the Digication course roster as add/drop happens in real-time.
  • You have a portal used by students and advisors. When viewing a student profile, using the API, you can display links to all ePortfolios and pages for that student.
  • You have been using Digication ePortfolio templates across various programs. Using the API, you can view usage data by each ePortfolio template in real-time.

Interfacing with the API is done via a secure protocol based on industry standard. This is a technical process geared towards software developers and engineers. If you are seeking information about the Digication API, you can find the technical documentation here: https://campus.digication.com/api/doc/

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