What are the Program Assessment Report Options?


List of Options

Reports have the following options available to filter by:

  1. Program name
  2. Sample name
  3. Submission ID
  4. Reviewer first name**
  5. Reviewer last name**
  6. Rubric name
  7. Score**
  8. Max Score*
  9. Min Score*
  10. Score Range*
  11. Sum of Scores*
  12. Average Score*
  13. Number of Scores*
  14. First Score*
  15. Second Score*
  16. Last Score*
  17. Two Closest Scores*
  18. Course name
  19. Course number
  20. Student Major
  21. Student first name
  22. Student last name
  23. Student's current credits
  24. Student's credits on submit
  25. Student's major on submit
  26. Submission date
  27. Student syncID
  28. Comment**
  29. Rubric Details**


* Only available for aggregate export

** Only available for normal export

How to choose a specific program sample

In the "Export scores for:" drop down you can either select a specific example or export a report for the entire program if you'd like to include all samples.

Rubric row details

The "Rubric Details" option allows for the individual scores from each line in the rubric used for scoring so that they can be viewed in the report.


There are two types of reports available to export, "Normal" and "Aggregate". As shown in the list, certain options are exclusive to the type of report specified. Here's an overview and explanation of each.




Reports can be downloaded in two formats, CSV and JSON. Below you'll find images and explanations of each and why you'd use them.


A CSV is a comma separated values file, which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. CSVs can be opened and edited in the same manner as an excel spreadsheet so that customers can manipulate the data in them to generate custom reports.


JSON stands for "JavaScript Object Notation" and it is described as a lightweight data-interchange format based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language. It provides an easy way to read and program custom queries using the data contained within.

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