Understanding ePortfolio Permissions

Permission Options

The permissions area is were you'll decide who gets to see your ePortfolio as it's being created. You are first prompted to make this decision.  Simply select the access you feel most comfortable with and move on, unless you've been given specific instructions to share your ePortfolio with a professor or course, in which case you'll want to click on "Custom Permissions." You can adjust your ePortfolio permissions at any time.

Private to me

"Private to me" makes it only viewable to you unless additional permissions are added for select users and groups.

Private within Your School

"Private within Your School" makes your ePortfolio visible to everyone with access to Digication at your school


"Public" makes your ePortfolio available to the world and searchable by Google.

Password Protection

"Password Protection" gives you the option to allow access to your ePortfolio through the use of a pre-defined password of your choosing. This option is available for ePortfolios shared with specific people within your school community or with the public.

Custom Permissions

If you've been instructed by your professor to share your ePortfolio with a specific user, group, or course then this is where you're going to do so. Simply search for the individual or group and they will display in a drop-down where you can click on them and they'll be granted viewing access to the ePortfolio. If you need to change access, you can add specific user, group, or courses or delete them anytime. You also have the option to change their role.


As you share your ePortfolio with a specific user, group, or course you can also choose what level of access to give them. By default, when they are added to the ePortfolio they will be given a Viewer role, however, other levels of access are available by opening the Role drop-down menu in the custom permissions editing window.

  • Viewer Access: View ePortfolio
  • Editor Access: View ePortfolio, Edit ePortfolio but Changes Only Saved as Draft
  • Publisher Access: View ePortfolio, Edit and Publish Changes
  • Admin Access: View ePortfolio, Edit and Publish Changes, Edit ePortfolio Settings (including permissions)

Show ePortfolio in Directory

As you share your ePortfolio with a specific user, group, or course you also have the option to display your ePortfolio in your school's ePortfolio directory. The ePortfolio directory allows those that have access to your ePortfolio with the option to easily search and browse your ePortfolio without having to know the ePortfolio web address. If you have a public ePortfolio that is listed in the ePortfolio Directory it will be quickly indexed by search engines such as Google - a great asset if you're using your ePortfolio for career advancement purposes.
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