Requesting a Program Assessment Setup

To begin using Digication's Program/Committee Assessment System, we will need your school to provide us with answers to the following questions for each assessment cycle you'd like to create:

  1. Name of "Program" (such as Education, Engineering or General Education)
  2. Name of "Sample" (such as Writing 101, Spring Semester 2014 or FYE Seminar 2012-14)
  3. Names/email addresses of reviewers/admins/viewers 
  4. Courses/assignments/steps where the submissions to be assessed have been submitted in Digication at your school (More specific is best, but we'll work with you if we have questions.) 
  5. Size of the desired sample (e.g. all available submissions, 20% of pool, 200 submissions) 
  6. Rubric or rubrics to be used in the assessment 
  7. Assignment of submissions guidelines (e.g. how many reviewers per piece of evidence, any special instructions or restrictions, whether you'll want to do a tie-breaker round to reassess submissions that have reviewers who disagreed by X score.)

Please contact us if you have any questions! 

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