Creating and Using Rubrics for Assignments

Add a rubric step to an assignment

Edit 'Basic Information' and 'Step Options' as needed (Optional)

Specify what the rubric is meant to assess

You'll need to select the evidence step that the rubric is meant to assess by clicking on the downward arrow underneath "This step assesses:"

Click on the 'Change' button

Click on 'Create New Rubric'

Click 'Ok' to continue

This warning is just to let users know that if a previous rubric has been selected and was replaced, that creating a new rubric would delete any prior assessments. Since you are creating a new rubric, this is not an issue.

Click 'Edit' to input Rubric Information

It's very important to make sure that every rubric being created has a unique name. Other information such as score type and whether or not the rubric is weighted can also be indicated here as well. Once all necessary information/settings have been input/selected, please be sure to hit the "Save" button before proceeding.

Click 'Add Row' to add rows to the rubric

Edit row labels by clicking on them and entering new labels within the text field

Clicking on the "Save" button will save the row and bring you back to the entire rubric.

Click 'Add Column' to add columns to the rubric

Click on column labels to change them and assign values

Click inside each cell to add criteria descriptions (Optional)

Set passing score before clicking on the 'Done' button

Click on the 'Save' button in the rubric step

Once the rubric has been created, the last step is to save it within the rubric step of the assignment. Once it's saved, you're all done!

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