Merging and Unmerging Courses in Digication

Importing Course Content

To import content between courses, navigate to the course you would like to import content into and click the 'Settings' tab

From the 'Settings' tab, click on the 'Import' option in the sidebar underneath 'Administration'


Select the course you wish to import content from by clicking on its name


Check off which content you'd like to import from the chosen course before clicking 'Import' at the bottom of the page


The following is a list of content that can be imported between courses:

  • Assignments
  • Standards
  • Grade Settings
  • Quick Links
  • Categories
  • Discussions

Merging Student Enrollment/Merging Courses

To Merge your course, click on the 'Merge' option in the sidebar underneath 'Administration' (1).

To merge the two courses, click the checkbox to confirm (2), and then click Merge (3).


By choosing to merge student enrollment, you can keep enrollment in both this course and "Introduction to College Writing" continuously in sync. If a student is added to or removed from "Introduction to College Writing" they will also be added to or removed from this course.

Note: After merging, the original course will be deactivated. New content will not be able to be added anymore.


Unmerging Courses

Go to the merged course and click on the "Merge" option

You will see an area labelled "Previously Merged Courses" where both of the course titles will appear grayed out as shown in the screenshot below.

Click the 'Unmerge' button


Click 'OK' when asked if you are sure you want to unmerge


This will allow you to proceed with the unmerging and you will be brought back to the "Notifications" page for the merged course.


However, when you return to your dashboard (accessible by clicking on the "Home" link at the top of the page), you will now see that the two original courses that were merged have now re-appeared for you under "My Courses" in addition to the merged course. This will allow faculty to retain any data that was added to the course(s) when merged, and allow for any additional merging that needs to take place thereafter.

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