Assignment Import and Kora Course Admin Tool Feature Release

Dear Digication Community, 

In keeping with our commitment to providing a two-week notice in advance of any changes to our user interface, we wanted to let you know about the release of some upcoming new features that will occur on or after June 14, 2024. 

    • Assignment Import 
    • Kora Course Admin Tools 

How does this new release benefit users?

Faculty members often use the same assignments across different sections of the same course, or across different semesters, and creating these from scratch every time can be time-consuming. Our new Assignment Import feature allows faculty members and admins to reuse assignments they have previously created in other courses. It also comes with advanced search and filtering options to locate and review assignments to be imported.

Our new Kora Course Admin Tool will introduce a new interface for admins to manage courses. This interface includes options to view course details, search, and filter courses, and batch import assignments to multiple courses. 

The new features highlight the following functionalities:

Import Assignment to Single Course

  • You can select specific assignment(s) from your existing Kora course(s) and import them, saving time previously needed to recreate assignments from scratch.
  • Ability to use the search option to find specific assignments to import.
  • Ability to choose whether to make assignments available to students immediately or to keep them in a draft state for additional review in the future.

Import Assignment to Multiple Courses

  • Kora admins will be able to batch import assignments into multiple courses simultaneously using the new Kora Course Admin Tool.

Review or Edit Assignments

  • You can navigate through the imported assignments to review, edit, and make necessary adjustments before making them available to students.
  • Review Assignment page will also include a search option to locate specific assignments for review or to take further actions, such as importing more or deleting them.

Assignment Import History

  • Our new feature will include a detailed log of all assignment import activities, including information on who performed the import and the date it occurred.

Kora Course Admin Tool

A new page called “Courses” will be added to the Kora Administration for managing courses.

On this page, admins can:

  • View all Kora courses in the system, including details such as Course Name, Number, Sync ID, Type, Creator, Faculty involved, Assignment information, Created Time, Start Time, and End Time.
  • Sort courses by assignment count, created time, start time, and end time, with options to arrange them in ascending or descending order.
  • Search for courses by entering certain keywords related to the course in a search box.
  • Filter and locate courses using criteria such as Course Name, Number, Sync ID, Type, Creator, Faculty, and date ranges.
  • Access any Kora course and enroll yourself as faculty.
  • Select multiple courses and batch import multiple assignments. This is useful when running multiple sections of the same course.

Kind Regards,
Your Friends at Digication

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