Setting Slides as Instructions

Instructions slides provide an area directly within an ePortfolio to share instructions, guidance and resources to aid in the building of an ePortfolio. Instruction slides are a popular feature used in creating ePortfolio templates. 

Instructions slides are only visible to those with editing access to the ePortfolio, not ePortfolio viewers, even when a page containing an instruction slide is published.

Instructions slides can include text, video, audio and files and may be styled just like other slides in the ePortfolio allowing for customization based on the context of the ePortfolio.

Setting Slides as Instructions
You can set a slide as Instructions by clicking the slide settings button (1) and expanding the Slide options (2) on the left side of your screen.1instruction.jpg

Next, you will be able to select the toggle "Turn slide into Instructions".

After a slide has been set as Instructions, you will see a banner across the top of the slide letting you know that this slide can now only be viewable while editing.

Editing Instructions Slides
By default, Instructions slides will be locked to prevent any unintended edits. If you would like to edit an Instructions slide, click the lock (1) to unlock the slide.

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