New Digication Development Update - January 23rd, 2018

Dear Digication Community,

We have added several new articles to our help desk to support your use of New Digication. These articles include step by step guides for the latest user interface improvements for interacting with slides and content in New Digication ePortfolios.  Here's an overview of those improvements and links to related documentation.

The Header slide is the central point of navigation for your ePortfolio and can be customized with content and styles. Any content you add to the Header slide will be visible throughout your ePortfolio. Click here to read how you can customize the Header slide and arrange your pages.

Each page can contain multiple slides, and each slide can contain multiple content modules. Slides offer organization and customization for your content on a page. Click here to read how you can add and edit your ePortfolio slides.

Any content you upload can be resized and arranged to create custom layouts. The arrangement of your modules aids in the readability and overall design of your ePortfolio. Click here to read about how you can resize and move modules.

Instructions Slides allow you to share instruction and resources visible only to those with Editing privileges of the ePortfolio. Click here to read about how you can set a slide as Instructions.

We hope you find these new resources helpful. We're continuing to update and expand on existing documentation as well. Please feel welcome to reuse and repurpose the content of our help materials in any school branded resources your community uses as well. As always, please send any feedback or suggestions you may have to

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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