Adding and managing Pages

At the top of every ePortfolio in the Header section is the Navigation menu for accessing all your ePortfolio pages. Pages can also be added, renamed, and organized by accessing the Page Settings. The Navigation menu also has the ability to be stylized. Click here to read more about editing your Header section.

Accessing Page Settings 
You can access your ePortfolio Page Settings by first selecting your Header section and clicking the lock to unlock the section and make changes (1).


Next, bring your cursor over to the Navigation menu and click Edit (2).

You will arrive at your ePortfolio's Page Settings.

Adding and Organizing Pages and Subpages 
While in Page Settings, you will have the ability to add pages and turn them into subpages. Click 'Add New Page'(or you can click on an existing page and click on the return or enter key on your keyboard) to create a new page and then click and drag the page to order it in your ePortfolio. You can make any page a subpage by dragging it underneath a page and then dragging it to the right.

Page Settings
Clicking on the Settings button (1) for a page will reveal the options to customize the page URL, or set the page as Private or Heading.

Each page can be assigned a customized URL (2) for direct access. When setting your page URL, please use only letters, numbers, dot, hyphen and underscore.

Setting a page as Private (3) prevents the page from being published or visible in the Published view. Private pages can only be accessed by those with Editing access to your ePortfolio. Setting a page as a Heading (4) turns the page into an organizational header for your Navigation menu (Heading pages are not clickable by ePortfolio viewers).

Deleting Pages and Saving Your Changes 
If you would like to remove a page from your ePortfolio, click the Delete button (1) for that page. When you are finished, click Save (2) at the bottom of your screen to advance to the confirmation step.

Next, you will be asked to confirm your deletion request by typing "delete" in the space provided and clicking "Yes, Delete it." Be aware, page deletion is finalized after selecting "Yes, Delete it."

When you are finished customizing your page settings, click the Save button in the lower right corner of the screen to finalize your changes. Remember to publish any newly created pages when you want your audience to view your work.

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  • How to add page like you did on My Course? I want to do like you add Writing 101, Persuasive speech.etc under My Course. What should I do to add other slides under one of the main heading?


    Thank you

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  • Thank you for your question, Chih Yu!  To add a subpage, you will first need to create a new page with the "Add New Page" button.  Once you have given the page a name, click on the list icon and then drag and drop the page below the desired parent page.  To make it a subpage, be sure to drag it slightly to the right of the parent page.  For a demonstration, please see the GIF in the "Adding and Organizing Pages and Subpages" section above.

    If you experience any difficulty with creating subpages, please do not hesitate to contact

    Have a nice day!


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  • Feature request: Would like to be able to collapse sub-pages. We often have many more pages than will fit on the screen. It's easy to get lost or misplace the new page when dragging then scrolling then dragging then scrolling...

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  • What about renaming pages? I can rename them in the menu organizer, and change the URL to reflect the new name, and publish my changes -- but in Published View, the menu stubbornly stays the same. What am I doing wrong, or do I have to make entirely new pages to change the displayed name?

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