Adding and Editing Slides

Slides are used to organize your content within the pages of your ePortfolio. Each page can contain multiple slides, and each slide can contain multiple content modules. Content modules can display any of your custom work such as text, documents, images and videos.

Adding Additional Slides
Every new page will automatically create an empty slide for you to add content to. Additional slides can be added to your ePortfolio through the content tool as well. First, click your content tool (1) in the lower-right corner of your screen to access your content library.

Next, locate and select the Slide option (2) in your Library to add an additional slide to the bottom of the page.

Adding Content to a Slide
You can add your content to a slide by clicking the content tool (1) in the lower-right corner of your window and access the content library. If you are adding content to an empty slide, you can click Add Content (2) on the slide to directly add your content to that slide.

If you would like to learn more about uploading files to your ePortfolio, click here to read our article about uploading files and supported file types!

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