Editing the Header Slide

At the top of every ePortfolio is the Header Slide. You can add text and media to the Header Slide that you would like to display throughout your ePortfolio. The Header Slide is a great place to add your ePortfolio title, your name, your major and graduation date for instance. The Header Slide can be customized to have a background color or image.

The Header Slide also contains the Navigation menu which allows you to access different pages throughout your ePortfolio. Pages can also be added, renamed, and organized by editing the Navigation menu in Page Settings. Click here to read about Adding and Managing Pages.

Editing the Header Slide
By default, the Header slide is locked to prevent any unintended changes while you work on the rest of your ePortfolio. You can unlock and access the Header slide by selecting the slide and clicking the lock (1).

Next, click the Settings button (2) to access the Slide settings from the left side of your screen. Here you can customize the background and other settings like any of the other slides, except that the Header slide cannot be made into Instructions or produce a Prompt.

Styling the Navigation Menu
The Navigation menu is a separate part of the Header slide that has independent customization options. If you would like to style your Navigation menu, place your cursor over the menu after unlocking the Header slide and click the Settings button (1). You will be able to change things such as the font size and color, hyperlink style, and color of the Navigation menu.

Adding Content to the Header Slide
Any of your custom content can be added to the Header slide, just like any other slide. The key difference, however, is that content added to the Header slide will be displayed across every page of your ePortfolio along with the Navigation menu. You can add custom content by first unlocking the Header slide (1) and then clicking the Add Content tool (2) to select which type of content you would like to place, such as text or images. 

After your content has been placed, navigating to any of your ePortfolio pages will display your content from the Header slide.

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