Creating Layout by Moving and Resizing Modules

In Digication ePortfolios content such as text, images, video and other files are contained in modules. After a module has been added to the content area of a section, it can then be moved and resized to create customized presentations of your work. The arrangement of your modules produces a layout that aids in the readability and overall design of your ePortfolio.

Moving Modules
Modules can be moved anywhere in the content area of a section with the Move tool. When you want to position a module within your content area, select the Move tool, then click-and-drag your module to move it across the section.
When you move a module, a temporary grid will appear on the background showing you where the module can be placed and the areas it will snap to. Other modules will remain in place so your existing layout will remain unaffected.

Resizing Modules
You can resize your modules anytime by placing your cursor on the border or corner, and then clicking and dragging the boundary of your module to the size you would like. Just like moving a module, resizing a module will no longer move other content out of its current position.

Content Overflow
Anytime the size of the content is greater than the size of the module, the excess content unable to be displayed is called overflow. When overflow occurs, you will see an indicator on the bottom of the module that can be clicked to automatically size the module and fit all the content.

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