New Digication: Gallery and Clickable Image Options Coming Soon!


Dear Community,

We are excited to announce today we will soon be releasing the Gallery and Clickable Image setting options in New Digication. 

Since these have been eagerly awaited new features, we will be launching them next Friday, on March 16, rather than waiting our typical two weeks for feature release. When these new settings options launch, we will also provide additional documentation on our help desk.

Existing Modules Will Have Gallery Options


We have expanded functionality within our existing media and file modules on a page. Each of these modules will have the option to display one or multiple files in a Gallery mode. That's right! You can turn an existing module into a Gallery with just a quick settings changes. When you edit these modules, you’ll also see an option to replace or add new files.

The option to display files as a Gallery is not restricted to media files like images, video and audio files but works great with PDFs and other documents as well.

Each Gallery can be styled, has an option for a full screen view, may be auto-played in a loop and also has a caption area for text descriptions.

Ordering files in the Gallery is easily managed by drag and drop.

The Gallery is Different in New Digication - Here's How

If you are familiar with the Gallery module in Digication Classic, there are some differences you'll discover and appreciate in New Digication. Here are the big differences:
  1. The Gallery is not a different module type, it's an option available within other modules. You can simply add more files to any existing one and it will automatically turn into a gallery
  2. The Gallery is not just for image, video, audio. It can contain documents, pdfs, etc
  3. A full screen view is available in the Gallery
  4. A play and pause feature is available that will automatically loop through files in the Gallery
Clickable Image 


The new clickable image setting will give you the option of adding a link to an image that will open in the same browser window or a new browser window.The clickable images can be used to link to different pages in an ePortfolio or to external websites. This feature allows you to create visual, image based navigation in your ePortfolio pages. 
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