Clickable Image Option

The clickable image option gives you the ability to create image based navigation within your ePortfolio. Clickable images can link to other pages within your ePortfolio or an external website.


To make an image clickable, click on the Settings icon (1)


In the Settings panel at left under File Settings toggle the Make Image Clickable option on (1). Type in the URL (2) you would like the image to link to. There is an option to Open in New Window (3).  If you would like the image to open a page in a new browser window, toggle this option on. If you would like the page to open in the same browser window, you can keep the default setting, and keep this option off. 


Your changes will be saved automatically and the image will be clickable in the Edit and Published view of your ePortfolio.

The clickable image option is available for individual images as shown above and is also available for images displayed in a Gallery. For more information on displaying clickable images in a Gallery, take a look at the Gallery Display Option article

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