Display Files as Links

In addition to displaying your files visually within ePortfolio pages, you also have the option to link any of your files in a rich text module, similarly to hyperlinks.

Adding a File to a Rich Text Module
Files can be linked inside a Rich Text module by selecting the module and clicking the Edit button (1).

Next, select the text you want to convert into a link for your file (2) and click the attachment button (3) on the text style window to go to your Library.3-display_file_as_link.png

Now you can upload a new file, select a previously uploaded document to your ePortfolio or cloud document service, record new audio and video files, or add a webpage as the destination of your link. Click here if you would like to learn more about uploading files to your ePortfolio.


Once you have chosen your file, it will display as a link in your text module.  Clicking the link will result in a prompt which gives you the choice to either Open in Browser, or Download File.


Edit or Delete a Hyperlink
You can change or remove a link by selecting your linked text and clicking the link button (1) on the text style window.

The text style window will then allow you to either remove the linked file from the module (2) or you can go back to your Library (3) to link a different file.

Styling L
After the hyperlink is set, click the Module Settings button (1) and scroll down the settings to Advanced Customization (2).


In the Advanced Customization menu, scroll down to Link (3) and click to expand. In the expanded menu, you can change the typeface, font size, color, and other characteristics of the links in your Rich Text module.

Click here if you would like to learn more about styling hyperlinks.

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