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Allow viewers of your ePortfolio to easily view your Linkedin profile by adding a Linkedin embed to your ePortfolio page. You may wish to include this embed on your Home, Contact and/or Resume page within your ePortfolio.

The Linkedin embed will include your Linkedin profile photo, your name, current title at your company or school and the location information you have added to your Linkedin profile. It will also include a link directly to your profile.


To add a Linkedin embed to your ePortfolio page, click on the Add Content button (1) at the bottom right corner.



Then select the Embed button (2) at the top of your Library page. Next, click on the Linkedin URL (3) option.


Type or paste in your LinkedIn profile URL and then click the preview button (4) to test the URL and then the Embed button (5) at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you are unsure of your Linkedin profile URL, take a look at Linkedin's support resources:


Although the design of the embed is controlled by Linkedin using their logo, font and colors (and is subject to change), you can use move button (6) to position of the Linkedin embed on your ePortfolio page. You can also resize the module using the resize handles (7) found on each edge and corner of the module.


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