New Digication: Credly Badge Module

You can add the Credly module to any page of your ePortfolio and then login to your Credly account to select the badges you'd like to display. Each badge can be resize and positioned on the page using the module and resize tools allowing you to display your badges alongside examples of work and reflections on your skills and experiences.

Adding a Credly Badge to Your ePortfolio
You can add a Credly badge to any ePortfolio page by first clicking on the Add Content button (1).


Next, locate the Credly module (2) in your Library. 003.png

Login to your Credly account (3) using your Credly username and password.004.png

Select the badge you would like to display on your page (4). A green check mark will display in the upper-left corner of the badge you selected. Then click Add Module (5) to add the badge to your page.

After your badge has been placed on the page, you can resize your badge (7) from the corners of the module or select the move icon (8) and position your badge on your page..006.png
Note: You can repeat the steps above to add multiple badges to a single page.

We recommend including work and reflections on the experiences that led you to receiving the badge so your ePortfolio viewers can learn more about your achievements.

Managing Your Credly Accounts
If you have more than on Credly account that you wish to add badges from, click on the Have Another Credly Account link (1) to login and access your other badges from other accounts.

At any time, you can log out of your Credly accounts by clicking the X (2) next to the listed account while in your Library.

Viewing Badge Details
When a badge is first placed on a page, it is shown in a condensed view without many details. If you would like to see more information about the badge, at any time you can click your badge to view additional details.

Style Options for Credly Badge Display
Click on the module settings icon (1) to adjust your Credly Badge display. In Custom Styles, you can choose to Show Badge Details (2) to see more information about your badge.

You also have the option to adjust the background color and transparency (3) of the module. Be sure to choose a color that still allows the badge and badge details to be readable by your ePortfolio viewers.

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