Managing Your Template Library: Faculty Guide

As you progress through the semester, you will likely identify many opportunities to update and improve your Templates. Even though a Template cannot be altered once it is saved to the Library, you can use the original ePortfolio that you used to create the first Template to create a new Template.

 If you would like to create an updated version of a Template, open the original ePortfolio that was used to create the template. Edit and publish changes in the original ePortfolio. Save the ePortfolio as a template. A new, updated template will be added to the Library. 

For more information regarding creating Templates from ePortfolios, please see Save an ePortfolio as a Template

After you have saved a new template, the old template should be deleted from the Library. Deleting a template will not affect any ePortfolios that previously used this template. After you have located a Template you would like to delete in the Library, click the More Options icon and select Delete (1) from the menu.


It's important to delete old Templates to keep the list of available Templates for faculty and students up to date. Once a Template has been deleted from the library, that Template will no longer be accessible by you or any other users. Any ePortfolios that previously used this Template are not affected.

Best practices for naming Templates should also be followed to avoid confusion for administrators, faculty and students regarding Templates, particularly with Templates used in courses that have multiple sections. Ideally, Template names should include the name of the course, section number, semester, and year. 

For example, if you are teaching 3 sections of English 101: First Year Composition in the Spring of 2018, we recommend the following convention for naming your Templates:

ENG 101 First-Year Comp Sp18 10001
ENG 101 First-Year Comp Sp18 10002
ENG 101 First-Year Comp Sp18 10003

Not only will following these guidelines avoid confusion for your community, it will also mitigate errors when sharing the templates with correct course section.







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