Administrator Guide to Adjusting Template Titles and Permissions

Template content cannot be altered once it is saved to the Library. However, as a system administrator for your institution, you can adjust Template titles and permission settings.

Template titles and permissions can be adjusted in the new administration tools. You can find an overview of those tools here.

System level administrators can access the New Administrator tools by logging in and appending "/administration/" at the end of their Digication institution URL, for example: http://[yourschool]

When you access the New Administrator tools, the first screen you see will be your Dashboard. From here, you can navigate to all the tools and options available to administrators. The links at the top of the page (1) will bring you to pages outside of the Administration panel. The categories on the left side of the page (2) will bring you to their respective Administrative tools.


To locate your New Digication templates, select 'Templates(3)' and then 'New Digication(4)' from the drop down menu.


Select the Template:


Select the tools menu (5) at the top, right-hand corner, and choose 'Template Settings (6).'


Select Edit (7) to adjust the Template title and select Continue (8) to proceed to the permission settings page.


Select Edit to change the template permissions.


To remove any existing course permissions, click on the X delete icon (9) next to the course faculty and students. You can search and add new Courses, Assessment Groups, or Communities by their Title or ID.


When you are finished setting your Template permissions, click the Continue button to advance to the next step. If you need to make any changes to the Template Default Settings, you'll do so on the next screen.





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