New Digication Development Updates 5/1/18

Dear Admins,

We are excited to announce a number of updates to existing features in New Digication that will be released this Friday, May 4th. Although these updates will include changes to the user interface which we normally announce two weeks in advance, we feel based on the feedback we have received from schools using New Digication that these improvements and additions will be helpful to students working on their ePortfolios currently.

The updates include:

  • Improved design and functionality for the Rich Text Module, Module Prompts and Conversations
  • Improved design and functionality of the settings panel for editing styles
  • Improved Table Module Design Customizations
  • Updated Wording: Add As Template


Improved Design and Functionality for the Rich Text Module, Module Prompts and Conversations

We have improved the design of the rich text editing tool display and have also improved the functionality by keeping tools visible anytime you’re editing text, and supporting the option to change the font, size, text color, text background of a selection of text. These formatting options give you further control over the presentation of text when you wish to draw more visual attention to certain words or phrases. 

Improved Design and Functionality of the Settings Panel for Editing Styles

Spacing of text and options has been improved in the left settings panel when editing styles for modules and slides. We have also improved functionality including displaying the styles of a selected module. For instance, when a rich text module is selected the current font, color, size, and padding of the selected text module will display as well as the current background color or image. Being able to see the current style before making changes makes editing much easier!

Improved Table Module Design Customizations

Table modules will include the option to adjust the Font Selection and Color, Table Background Color or Image, Cell Padding, Border Thickness, and Border Color.

Updated Wording: Add As Template

We received feedback from schools that the language Save as Template was causing some confusion for end users. Although Saving happens automatically as you are editing your ePortfolio, end users were mistakenly clicking on Save As Template in their ePortfolio Tools menu, not realizing they were saving a new template in to the Library, instead of simply saving their ePortfolio. We are changing the language to Add As Template to alleviate this confusion.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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