Digication Development Update 8/4/18

Dear Digication Community,

We hope you are enjoying your summer!  As we prepare for the upcoming semester, we wanted to share a few important updates.

System-wide Upgrade to New Digication

Unless your school has communicated an alternate timeline for upgrading to New Digication with a member of the Digication team, your school's system settings will be automatically upgraded to New Digication "Enabled and Enforced" September 1, 2018. If you have not yet done so, please contact support@digication.com as soon as possible to arrange a meeting with a member of our team regarding next steps.

New Digication Apply Styles and New Module Style Properties

We are pleased to announce that the Apply Styles feature and New Module Style Properties are now available in New Digication. To begin using these features, please see the following Help Desk articles:

Apply a Style to an Entire ePortfolio

Module Style Properties

Help Tab

With the transition to New Digication, we will be making a number of updates to our Help Desk, while phasing out some of our older resources.  The “Help” tab located at the top of your dashboard will soon no longer open the “Help and Support” menu. Instead, it will link to our Help Desk at http://support.digication.com

Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We have fixed a bug that was preventing the Standard name from showing when editing   a Standard.
  • “Rubric Row details” will now be checked by default in Program Assessment reports
  • The “Save and Submit” button will now be inactive until all Rubric fields have been filled.
  • The default value for the Teacher Standard has been removed
  • Users will now receive a notification when using an incompatible browser that prevents a PDF from displaying properly.
  • The ability to hide Digication default templates is now available.  To enable this option in your system, contact support@digication.com
  • The search function in the New Digication Permissions area has been improved
  • Strike-through option added to Rich Text formatting menu
  • Option added to reset custom styles to default style
  • Changed "Save as Template" to "Add as Template"
  • Improved Gallery full screen mode display
  • Improved hover color display for Sub-pages
  • Fixed edit and lock icon overlap
  • Fixed mP3 file upload bug
  • Fixed Error publishing ePortfolio
  • Fixed bug causing mobile view horizontal scroll
  • Improved ability to add Alt Text for individual images in Gallery Module
  • Fixed extra-spaces when quotation button is used.
  • Fixed bug in page name changes that didn't generate URL
  • Fixed option for drag and drop files on instruction slides
  • Fixed slide background images flickering when set to 'Fixed.'
  • Updated text in "Submit ePortfolio" notification

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com.

Kind regards,

Your friends at Digication

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