Adding a Template to a Course

Course template ePortfolios are useful as a starting point for students building their own course ePortfolios. Templates allow you to provide the initial style, organization, page structure, and content of an e-Portfolio to your students with one click. They may also include instructions and prompts to aid students in the ePortfolio building and reflection process.

Create an ePortfolio to be used as a template

To begin, create a new ePortfolio (for a detailed walkthrough on how to do this, please see our Quick Start Guide for Creating an ePortfolio) and then populate that ePortfolio with the necessary example content, prompts and instructions needed to convey the expectations and requirements for the students.

Access your ePortfolio menu and Select “Add as Template” (1)


Review the Title and URL of your template (2). A good title makes it easy for students to find the correct template. For a course ePortfolio, you may want to include the course name, number, semester and year within the title of the template to distinguish it from others.

Select “Continue” if no changes are needed (3).


Share the template with a Course

Select “Edit” to the right of “Also Share With Specific People, Groups, or Courses”


Use the search bar (1) to find the course to which you wish to add the template.  Select the course and then click “Continue.” (2)


If you wish to recommend particular privacy and sharing settings to all users who create an ePortfolio from the template, click the toggle switch (3), and then choose your preferred settings below.  When finished, click “Save Settings” (4). Your template is now created and shared with the course


Creating an ePortfolio from the Template

Once made available as a template, the ePortfolio will appear as an option when creating an ePortfolio for any students who are enrolled in the course. Students will create their ePortfolios using the template by selecting the template in their Library (1), and then "Create" (2).



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