System-wide Upgrade Reminder and New Digication Development Update: 8/24/18

Dear Digication Community,

We hope this message finds you well!  We have a few upcoming events, updates, and feature releases which we are excited to bring to your attention:   

  1. System-wide upgrade to New Digication
  2. Download your New Digication ePortfolio as a zip file for offline access
  3. Tracking number of views for your New Digication ePortfolio
  4. Small adjustment in module title padding 

1. System-wide upgrade to New Digication

First, we would like to remind you that we are now one week away from our system-wide upgrade to New Digication. On September 1, 2018, system settings will be automatically upgraded to New Digication "Enabled and Enforced” for all schools*.
*This excludes schools who have upgraded already, or who have been working with our team on a custom upgrade plan. 

As we have noted in previous communications, the following will take place once the upgrade is enacted:

  • New ePortfolios will no longer be created in Digication Classic
  • Digication Classic ePortfolios will still be viewable and editable, but no further development will occur in this version of the product; end users may upgrade existing Classic ePortfolios. Upgrade instructions are available on our help desk
  • Our Help Desk will transition to focus the support we provide, as well as online documentation, on New Digication

What you can do as an administrator to get ready for the upgrade:

  • Upgrade Classic Templates to New Digication (contact if you need help)
  • Announce the upcoming changes to your school
  • Offer training workshops for students and faculty 

2. Download your New Digication ePortfolio as a zip file for offline access

We are pleased to announce that our Download tool for New Digication ePortfolios will be released on September 7!  This tool will allow users to quickly and easily export an ePortfolio, creating a downloadable zip file containing their public/published pages and any uploaded media.  If you would like to begin testing this feature prior to September 7, please contact to have it enabled.

3. Tracking the number of views for your New Digication ePortfolio

Currently, the ePortfolio directory displays the number of “Hits” each ePortfolio has received.  Starting September 7, we will change this to read “Views." Furthermore, we will be making some changes to how these views are tracked in New Digication ePortfolios in order to provide more useful information, and to prevent the artificial inflation of views.  The counter will no longer count page views while editing, only page views of the published eP.  Additionally, the counter will only count a full page refresh, which means in-page interactions will not count as additional page views. If the same person visits a page multiple times within one sitting, it will only count as one page view.

4. Small adjustment in module title padding

We recently discovered some inconsistencies with the styling of module titles which we are in the process of fixing.  It is possible that a very small percentage of users may see a subtle change in the title spacing of their modules as we make this one-time change.  If you find that your module padding has changed, you will be able to restore it according to your preferences using the padding controls, or by resizing the module.

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at

Kind regards,

Your friends at Digication

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