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The Download tool allows you to export your New Digication ePortfolio and download it as a zip file.  To initiate a download, go to your ePortfolio Menu (1) and select “Download” (2).


When you export your ePortfolio, a zip file is created which contains your public/published pages and any uploaded media.  To begin the export click “Export This ePortfolio”


This will open a pop up menu where you will have the option to include your unpublished draft content in the export (3), or to only export the most recently published version of your ePortfolio (4).


Once you have selected the version to export, it will appear in the Recent Exports list as “Processing.”


Depending on your Notification Settings, you will receive a Digication Notification (5) when processing has finished, and a download button will appear (6).  Once downloaded, you can unzip the file to view your pages offline.


Viewing Your Downloaded ePortfolio Offline

After you have clicked the download button, find the zip file in your Downloads (1), and double click to unzip.  The unzipped folder will contain a file titled “index.html” (2). Please note that double clicking on the index.html file will likely open the file in a text editor. Instead, right click or ctrl + click the file, and select “Open With” to choose a browser to view the file.

Embedded content (Youtube videos, websites, etc.) is not downloadable; however, an embedded item will display in the downloaded ePortfolio as long as you are connected to the internet and the item is still accessible to you.


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