Administrator Guide to Template Management Tools

The template management area, available through the New Administration tools, allows Digication Administrators to view and manage templates that are available to users at their school.

Accessing the Template Management Area

In order to use the template management area, you will first need to access our New Administration tools.  To do so, add “/administration” after “.com” in your school’s Digication URL



This will bring you to your New Administration dashboard.  On the left-side menu, select Templates (1), and then New Digication (2)



Template Management

Search and Filtering


The search bar at the top of the page (1) allows administrators to search for templates by Name.  Type in all or part of the title of the template, and then click “Filter” to view only templates whose titles match your search term(s).

The ability to filter the templates in your system has recently been expanded to include Digication Templates (formerly referred to as “Global Templates), which are the default templates that we have shared with all schools.  Using the dropdown arrow (2), templates can be filtered by their classification in the “Type” column. Select a type from the dropdown, and then click “Filter” to view only that type of template. For an explanation of these types, please see the “Template Management Categories” section below

By clicking “Export CSV,” (3) administrators can download a CSV file of the current list of templates on the screen, whether it is displaying “All Templates,” or filtered results.

Template Management Categories


The Name column (1) contains the title of each template.  By clicking the title of a template, you can view a preview of the ePortfolio template and access the template settings.

The “Creator” column (2) now displays the email address of the template’s creator.  

The “Type” column (3) specifies which of the following categories each template belongs to:

  • Featured Templates - Templates designated as “Featured Templates” are prioritized in the list of available templates that users see when creating an ePortfolio.  Please see instructions below for creating and reordering Featured Templates.
  • Templates Pending Admin Approval - Templates that have been set as “School Wide” by the creator, but have yet to be approved by an admin (see instructions below for approving School Wide).
  • Course Templates - Private templates that have been shared with the Faculty and Students of a particular course.
  • School Wide Templates - Templates that are available to all users at a school.  Can be created by any user, but must be approved by an administrator before it will be available.
  • Digication Templates - Templates created by Digication which are shared with all schools.

If a School Wide Template has not yet been approved, administrators will find the “Pending Admin Approval” link in the Type column.


Clicking this link will open up the template, where the administrator will find the “Approve Now” button at the top of the page.  After clicking, you will be taken to the template settings in case you wish to make any changes before the template becomes available to all users.


The “Featured” column (4) allows administrators to designate individual templates as Featured Templates (see description above).  To designate a template as Featured, simply click the checkbox in the “Featured’ column. Only Digication Templates and approved School Wide Templates may be set as Featured Templates.

Administrators can also change the order of their Featured Templates in the template management area.  To do so, first use the filtering tools to filter by “Featured,” and then use the directional arrows to drag the individual templates into your preferred order.  The Featured Template at the top of the list will serve as the default for your school.


Finally, the “Created Time” column (5) shows the date and time that the template was created

Deleting a Template

If you would like to delete a template, you can do so by clicking the red “X” button in the far right column (which has no heading).  


Deleting a template will not delete the original ePortfolio from which the template was created.

Hiding a Template

Digication administrators now have the option of hiding Digication Templates from their users through the use of a new icon at the right of each template entry.  For schools who have created their own templates to share with students, this feature can help to eliminate the confusion of excessive template choices.


To hide a Digication Template, simply click the icon that resembles an eye.

4templatemgmt.jpg                         5templatemgmt.jpg

You will receive a notification confirming that the template is hidden.  To unhide the template, simply click the icon once more.


For assistance with adjusting template settings, please see the following Help Desk article:

Add a Template to a Course, Assessment Group, or Community

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