Override Styles for Selected Text

The Inline Style Toolbar allows users to create multiple styles within a single Rich Text module by overriding the style attributes chosen through the module settings.

To demonstrate the inline style toolbar, we have a Rich Text module with the following style properties:


To use the toolbar, first click the Edit button on the Rich Text menu (1), and then select the text you would like to change (2).


The toolbar is accessed through a button resembling an artist’s palette (3) on the Rich Text module’s formatting toolbar.


Override Options


The Override Menu allows you to change the following style characteristics of your selected text:

  1. Typeface - Using the dropdown, you can choose from the same list of typefaces that are available through the module settings.
  2. Font-size - Use the “+” or “-” buttons to make the font larger or smaller, or highlight the number and manually type in your preferred font-size
  3. Text-alignment - Changing the text-alignment for a selection of text within a paragraph will change the alignment for the paragraph as a whole
  4. Text color - Choose from a number of provided color options, or enter a hex code
  5. Text highlight - Choose from a number of provided color options, or enter a hex code
  6. Remove Style - To remove the override styles, simply highlight the affected text and click the Erase button



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